Responsible Gaming

Winludu supports Users of interactive gambling by offering them a comprehensive range of gaming and entertainment options. Winludu is socially responsible for its products. The aim of Winludu is to deliver its Users with the world's safest and most innovative gaming platform for adults. Clear and secure product offering allows each User to play according to their financial capacity, which lets everyone to obtain the highest quality service and products. Integrity, honesty and trustworthiness are the fundamental principles of Winludu.

That is exactly why Winludu is doing everything possible to avoid problems and to reduce the probability of issues that occur when people taking part in gambling, especially in case of an irresponsible game, lose control of themselves. This process is performed while simultaneously keeping and respecting the Users who are participating in gambling purely for entertainment purposes.

Responsible gaming in Winludu`s website is based on three basic principles: User Safety, Game Security and Protection from gambling addiction. Winludu is working together with research institutions and professional physicians to create a safe, responsible and reliable online environment for the interactive gambling.

User Safety

User Safety is based on prohibiting minors to participate in gambling, as well as protection of Users' privacy, which includes data and payment processing. Fairness of game and the principle of a random play are strictly monitored by the Supervisory Inspection of Lotteries and Gambling of Republic of Latvia. Marketing communication is focused on User protection: Winludu promise Users just what is advertised, no hidden terms and incomprehensible conditions.

Protection from gambling addiction: Research - Prevention - Intervention

Most of the Users that indulge themselves in sportsbetting, play casino games, or use any other products offered by the website, do so for their leisure commitment driven by entertainment. Just as some habits and behaviours that are considered normal and do not cause concern (e.g., shopping, sports, eating or consumption of alcohol), some people may develop addiction towards these which may cause problems. Exactly in the same manner, sportsbetting or other forms of gambling, creating problems can trigger an addiction for a separate group of Users. Users who report gambling addiction are prohibited from any further participation in gambling on Winludu website. Users who are experiencing addiction problems and need help have available contacts in our website of someone who can offer professional help and support in solving their problems.

Own responsibility is the most sustainable form of preventive measures

Winludu assumes as a basic principle that the final decision and responsibility on whether to play or not and how much money to spend for entertainment, is the responsibility of the User, not Winludu. That is exactly why the User`s own responsibility is the most effective method of protection against addiction. Winludu sees its responsibility in ensuring assistance to Users and providing them with easily comprehensible, reliable and clear products by ensuring complete information and maintaining a clear plan of action.

Protection of Minors

Winludu does not allow minors (persons under age of 18) to participate in gambling. That is why the confirmation that a person has reached 18 years of age and birth data validation is a mandatory process during registration. Winludu considers participation of minors in gambling a serious problem and is therefore categorically against it. In order to ensure the best protection against minor participation in gambling, Winludu also rely on the parents and guardians of a minor, and ask that all the account details and access data to the gambling website (username and password) are kept safe and out of reach of a minor. This is precisely why Winludu recommends User to install filter software. Such software allows User to restrict access to internet resources, which are not suited for minors.

Responsibility for problems

Winludu offers different types of games and bets that most consumers see as entertainment, at the same time the company takes responsibility for its Users by providing support and tools for safe entertainment environment. If necessary, Winludu blocks access to its services for Users who have difficulties in assessing risks, limit themselves, or those who suffer from gambling addiction, and are unable to enjoy the process responsibly (do not perceive it as pure entertainment). This is done in order to protect Users and to help them to cope with addiction.

Familiarise yourself with the main problems

Most people gamble for the entertainment purposes. Moderate participation in gambling, taking into account User’s financial situation, is completely acceptable, however, for some people gambling is not just a form of entertainment. This factor is a major challenge that must be considered by both Winludu and the Users themselves.

What type of behaviour is considered problematic?

Problematic gambling behaviour is regarded as one that begins to interfere with a person’s private life, employment, health condition, family situation; or that worsens one’s financial situation. Long gambling sessions are not recommended for individuals and may lead to negative consequences. In 1980, pathological gambling addiction was officially recognised and included in the International Classification of Psychological Diseases (DMS-IV and SSK-10). It is defined as an increasing desire to play games with increased game duration and frequency, regardless of the individual's social conditions and such factors as growing debts and obligations, crippled career and family problems.

In which cases a person's behaviour is considered an addiction?

An expert can only perform an accurate diagnosis of gambling addiction. However, materials posted on this site will help User to assess and identify User’s playing behaviour and potential risks. Under no circumstances do they serve as a determining factor of a diagnosis. Gambling addiction is dangerous from the point of view that, unlike with substance addiction, it is difficult to draw the line between pleasure and addiction. However, some diagnostic signals may point to an existing problem. In case the answer is "yes" to at least seven of them, there is a high probability that User suffer from gambling addiction and require specialist assistance:

  • Have you ever delayed work or studies because of gambling?
  • Has gambling ever caused your family to be unhappy?
  • Has gambling ever affected your reputation?
  • Have you ever felt remorse after gambling?
  • Have you ever played in order to obtain money for paying off your debts or in order to resolve any other financial difficulties?
  • Has gambling ever caused your ambition or productivity to drop?
  • Have you ever felt that you need to return as soon as possible after a loss in order to get even?
  • Have you ever felt a strong desire to return and win (even) more after winning?
  • Do you often gamble to the last cent?
  • Have you ever borrowed money at least once, in order to be able to gamble?
  • Have you ever sold anything in order to be able to gamble?
  • Do you reluctantly use the money „set aside for gambling” for normal expenditures?
  • Does gambling make you forget the worries of your family’s well-being?
  • Have you ever been gambling for a longer period of time than initially anticipated?
  • Have you ever been gambling in order to get rid of your worries or troubles?
  • Have you ever committed, or considered to commit, unlawful conduct in order to obtain funds for gambling?
  • Has gambling caused you insomnia or sleep problems?
  • Do arguments, disappointment and frustration cause urge to play?
  • Have you ever felt the need to mark success with a couple of hours of gambling?
  • Have you ever considered self-destruction or suicide due to gambling?

The test can be filled out in English on-line at the following website:

Conditions of Responsible Gambling

By following these instructions, Users can enjoy gambling process as entertainment without the negative consequences:

  1. Gamble only when calm and focused.
  2. Maintain regular breaks.
  3. Prior to enrolling in gambling, set down the amount of money that can be afforded to spend at a specific time period.
  4. Once the affordable limit on a single gambling session (day, week, month or year) is set limit, never increase it.
  5. Prior to the participation in the game, set maximum winning amount after winning of which to stop to playing.
  6. Before taking part in a gambling session, always set the amount that is affordable to lose, and at the loss of which to stop gambling.
  7. Never participate in gambling while being intoxicated with alcohol or drugs.
  8. Never participate in gambling if feeling downtrodden or depressed.

Where to find help?

Gambling Therapy

Websites dedicated to compulsive gambling: